Hybrid solar panels: a sustainability revolution

PVT solar panels installation

Hybrid solar panels: a sustainability revolution

The installation of hybrid PVT panels is an eco-sustainable choice and a concrete help to the environment. Thanks to the advanced functionalities, PVT systems allow a higher energy production compared to traditional panels.

In a society that is experiencing a crucial moment from the point of view of climate change but is proving to be more attentive to eco-sustainability issues, new green technologies for the production of energy and heating are increasingly gaining ground.

In addition to the well-known types of classic solar panels, one of the most interesting innovations in this area are the PVT hybrid solar panels.

This new generation of solar PVT panels combines photovoltaic and solar thermal technology in a single panel without changing size, producing electricity and thermal energy for the air conditioning of the rooms and the water-sanitary heating.

The hybrid solar panel consists of a glazed photovoltaic collector, capable of converting solar energy into electricity. This connects to a heat exchanger, located below the module, which allows you to heat a fluid thanks to solar radiation not converted into electricity.

Thanks to this feature, the production of electricity is higher than a traditional photovoltaic panel, since the lowering of the temperature during the summer months allows to increase its yield. The hybrid system does not present any risk of overheating during the summer months (unlike traditional photovoltaic panels) since its temperature remains at low levels. At the same cost as traditional systems, PVT technology allows a definitely higher production because it also exploits thermal production.

This technology offers several advantages thanks to its double functionality: production of electrical and thermal energy with a single device; smaller installation surface; greater electricity compared to a standard photovoltaic panel thanks to the lowering of the operating temperature in the summer period; thermal energy useful for heating sanitary water; thermal source for the water heat pump even in the absence of radiation; reduction of the environmental impact.

Currently, the Powertronic PVT panel is the only integrated system - made in Italy and patented - that is born as a hybrid in the production line, making it a product with the highest performance and a harmonious aesthetic.

The Powertronic panel has an electrical power of 300 Watt and a thermal power of 1000 W. The product has a maximum temperature of 83 ° C and a maximum fluid flow rate of 2 liters per minute. The system complies with the IEC61215 and IEC61730 standards and the European CE standards.